Financial Over-Commitment

Using various financial solutions, we will put you in touch with a specialist company who will contact your creditors, they will set up affordable regular monthly payments that your creditors are happy to receive. In return for that, they will freeze the interest and charges. This will give you one easy-to-manage, single monthly payment. We will then go on to renegotiate the balance outstanding, with a potential reduction in the total debt of around 50% to 60%. In fact with Debt Settlement the average customer becomes debt free for 55%

Experiencing a Reduction of Income?

Have you recently seen your income reduced? We can help. In these difficult economic times, many people are facing redundancy or experiencing a reduction in wages? How are you supposed to manage when costs are going?

Debt Settlement will not only settle your various regular monthly payments and replace them with a manageable single payment, but it we also renegotiate the balance that you owe with your creditors. In many cases, the total amount you owe will be reduced by 50%.

Increased Costs of Living

More and more customers are facing sharp increase in the cost of living. With a non-borrowing solution provided by ‘How-To-Become-Debt-Free’, you will be debt whether that’s with a Debt Management Plan or the faster Debt Settlement Plan. We can not only settle your various regular monthly payments and replace them with a manageable single payment, but we can also renegotiate the balance that you owe with your creditors - meaning that in many cases, you will reduce the total amount you owe by over 50%.

Relationship Break-Downs, Separation or Divorce

Many people, who separate from their partners, face real hardship when they have to pay mortgages or rents on their own. In most cases, living together has allowed the couples to pay the creditors back large amounts of their disposable income. Now that there is a change in circumstances – these monthly payments must reflect that if the customer is to avoid falling further into debt

The Hidden Dangers of an IVA

Many people are sold onto an IVA and often don’t read the small print. Unsecured debts are notoriously difficult to collect and therefore the creditors will pay handsomely for anyone pinning customers down. An Individual Voluntary Agreement is a rigid, 60 month plan agreed to by a majority of your creditors. The risks to an IVA often greatly outweigh the gains for a majority of people. An IVA is worth considering in some circumstances, but we often hear people say it’s the biggest mistake of their lives. For example, can you guarantee that you can meet the payment agreed for the next 60 months – which isn’t many people in this economic climate. Given the fact that bankruptcy becomes a very real possibility, should they miss payments, the IVA along with debt management are the most widely known ways of becoming debt free - until now! Our advisors will be able to give you the best possible advice on the benefits of Debt Settlement, Debt Management or IVA’s